Our property. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Our coordinates: 40228400, 23621800

New tree house

Above the sand, at a height of 4 meters, 
is our new tree house.
Access is easy, and stay safe for up to 3 people.
                                 The water
                                     The water is from our own well, and it is good
                                    but because it is not possible to check this every week,  
                                    for possible germs, we recommend using for drinking  
                                    or cooking bottled water.

                                                  The sea 
                           The sea is perfectly clean, of course, suitable for swimming.
                                      Of  two beaches that are in front of the property, 

                                      better is the east, just sand, without stones.

                                                  Access to the sea 
                         Along 80 meters of facade maritime property, there are three stairs.  
                        Moreover the western part, which is low, access to the sea is direct

                                                  New tree house.
                        Above the sand, at a height of 4 meters, is our new tree house.
                        Access is easy, and stay safe for up to 3 people.

                                               Nearby villages, shops. 
                            The nearest village, Metamorfosi, where there are restaurants, 
                           supermarkets, pubs and other shops, is 1,7 km away.  
                           5 km away there is Nikiti, with many shops on the beach 
                           and lot of people. 

                                                         Outdoor lighting
                             There are several lights and headlights, around the houses.  
                            All operate on timers or electronic eyes.

                                                   Outdoor showers
                                        There are external showers, at both houses,
                                       with hot water from heater or from solar systems.

                                         Mosquito nets, mosquito systems
                                     Usually there is little or no mosquitoes, but there are enough 

                                    insects, flies etc.Therefore, everywhere there are  
                                    mosquito nets and mosquito 'eyes'.
                                     We recommend always closed the screens

                                                      Air conditioning
                                        All rooms are air conditioned, of course, for heat or cold.

                                               Something for welcome.
                                              Guests find at home a few bottles of water  

                                             and some food and drink, free of course.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Our beach.

                                         The front beach

                                          The east beach

Our Baxe

Complimentary our facilities.

All this for free
 ---   Canoes

---   Small electric boat for fishing or for a ride

  ---   barbecue
                  ---   single basketball


....     wind surfing

---   ...  handmade grappa and olives

Also, two bicycles free,

Our big boat, Leonardo, has completed 31 year trips in the sea,  
and is now resting on land.
It was built from 1983 to 1988, by hand, from the amateur owner, and traveled in Aegean, till to Skyros and Chalkida.
Soon, Leonardo will be available for visit or hosting.